10 Reasons You Should Attend the NY Sentiment Symposium

If you’re reading this, chances are you should attend the July 15-16 Sentiment Analysis Symposium in New York.


SAS15-160x300XBecause sentiment — covering emotion, intent, and the spectrum of social signals — has never been more important for business (and healthcare, finance, government, and academia). You need to keep up with the technology and applications, and the symposium is the single best place to learn, share, network, and make deals.

The symposium is a labor of love for me, and I’m going to go overboard in offering 9 more reasons to attend. I will attest to you that —

1) This is seriously the best program of the eight I’ve organized so far. I don’t mean to slight anyone, but I’ll single out a few of the speakers as really cool: Fran D’Orazio on visual social; Thomas Dimson on emoji semantics (“Emojineering @ Instagram”) 👏; Vika Abrecht from Bloomberg’s machine learning group; Rohini Srihari on inferring demographic data; Michael Czerny on Word2Vec for Sentiment Analysis; Scott Amyx on wearables. That’s in addition to coverage of mainstream customer experience, market insights, social intelligence, healthcare, financial, and other use cases.

2) Your peers, competitors, and potential business partners will be there. In text/social analytics: ABBYY, Basis Technology, Bottlenose, CrowdFlower, Digital Reasoning, InMoment, Kanjoya, Lexalytics, NICE Systems, Oracle, Percolate, Pulsar Social, Rant & Rave, SAS, Sentimetrix, Socialgist, Teradata, TheySay. (I’m not even listing financial sector firms.)

3) You may learn about new (to you) markets: capital markets, emotion analytics, healthcare, digital marketing, media measurement.

4) You’ll meet visionaries past, present & future: Dave Schubmehl of IDC; ex-IDC Sue Feldman & Hadley Reynolds; Joel Rubinson, former Chief Research Officer at the Advertising Research Foundation; also ex-ARF Steve Rappaport; Anjali Lai from Forrester Research.

5) You’ll network with attendees from Etsy, Hallmark, Lenovo, Millward Brown, Sony Music, Verizon, and Wipro; from Bank of America, Capital Fund Management, Wells Fargo, the Federal Reserve Board, and the Singapore Defense Ministry (!). (I’m cherry-picking of course.)

6) You’ll meet research authorities, among them: Prof. Bing Liu (sentiment analysis workshop); Prof. Robert Dale (natural language generation workshop); Dr. David Forbes (market science); Dr. Daniel McDuff (facial coding); and a passel of data science types.

7) We have great sponsors. MeaningCloud (Daedalus), Lexalytics, TheySay, DandelionAPI (SpazioDati), and Revealed Context (Converseon) provide text/social analysis services. Socialgist is a data leader, Social Market Analytics makes social sensible for financial markets, and Emotient has pioneered emotion analytics via facial coding.

8) You won’t find better concentrated coverage of Sentiment Analysis for Financial Markets. That’s our Thursday, July 16 Workshop track session, moderated by Battle of the Quants organizer Bartt Kellermann.

Remember: You’re free to mix-and-match Presentation and Workshop track sessions.

9) The New York Academy of Sciences is a great venue.

Check out the program and do join us, for either day or both.

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