The Emotion AI conference: Call for Speakers, 2018 Sentiment Analysis Symposium

The 2018 Sentiment Analysis Symposium takes place March 26-27 in New York, tackling the business value of sentiment, opinion, and emotion in our big data world.

Please consider submitting a speaking proposal, on a business application or a technical topic. Whether you’re a business visionary, experienced user, technologist, or consultant, we welcome your proposal. Submit online at Help us build on our track record of bringing attendees useful, informative, technical and business insights and guidance. Our proposal deadline is December 8.

We’re inviting talks that focus on customer experience, brand strategy, market research, media & publishing, social insights, healthcare, and financial markets. On the tech side, show off what you know about natural language processing, machine learning, speech and emotion AI, and the data economy.

Please help us create another great symposium! Submit your proposal by December 8.

And if you represent a solution provider, agency, or consultancy in NLP, AI, customer experience, market research, media, or social analytics, please consider sponsoring the symposium! Send us a note.

P.S. If you’re not up for speaking but would like to benefit from an extra-deep pre-launch discount, register online by December 31.

P.P.S. Follow the symposium on Twitter at @SentimentSymp.

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