A Sentiment Analysis Insight Agenda

Just announced: The agenda for the 2015 Sentiment Analysis Symposium, July 15-16 in New York.

The 2015 symposium will offer the same great content and networking as always — you’ll hear from agency and brand leaders, insights professionals, researchers, and technologists — this year expanded into two simultaneous tracks:

  • Presentations — an array of keynotes, presentations, and panels that explore business value in opinion, emotion, behavior, and connection — in online, social, and enterprise sources, in both text and other big data formats.
  • Workshops — longer-form deep dives into technologies and techniques — including metrics & measurement, cognitive computing, machine learning.

Mix and match program segments — whatever suits your background and interests.

New this year: A half-day segment (within the Workshop track) on Sentiment Analysis for Financial Markets. Our 40th-floor conference venue at the New York Academy of Sciences overlooks Wall Street, so this segment is a well-placed addition to the symposium’s coverage of consumer, public, and social for market research, customer experience, healthcare, government, and other application areas.

Who’ll be presenting? Here’s a thought-leader sampling:

  • Industry analysts Dave Schubmehl from IDC and Anjali Lai from Forrester.
  • Agency folks Francesco D’Orazio from Face, Brook Mille from MotiveQuest, and Karla Wachter, Waggener Edstrom.
  • Technical innovators including Bethany Bengtson from Bottlenose, Moritz Sudhof from Kanjoya, Karo Moilanen from TheySay, and CrowdFlower CEO Lukas Biewald.
  • Speakers on sentiment analysis in healthcare from the Advisory Board Company, Westat, and DSE Analytics.
  • A set of forward-looking talks on wearables, speech analytics, emotional response via facial recognition, and virtual assistants.

Presenting the longer-form workshops, running in parallel with the presentations, we’ll have:

  • Prof. Bing Liu, presenting a half-day Sentiment Analysis tutorial.
  • Dr. Robert Dale on Natural Language Generation.
  • Sue Feldman, Synthexis, on Cognitive Computing.
  • Research leader Steve Rappaport on Metrics and Measurement.
  • … and more that we’ll share soon.

As usual, we’ll have a set of lightning talks — quick takes on technologies, solutions, and services — and lots of networking opportunities.

Please join us.

Visit the symposium agenda page for the full program. Register now at sentimentsymposium.com/registration.html. Discounted Early registration runs until May 15; register by March 31 for an Extra $100 off. Save even more with our Team registration, and we also have a 50% government/academic discount and a special low rate for full-time students.

Do join us to stay on the leading edge of sentiment technologies and applications!

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  1. Oh – you are finding great speakers from across the GLOBE! I am looking forward to hearing more about the talk entitled “Recognizing Legal Doctrinal Attitudes in Unreferenced Court Decisions” by Melih Karakullukcu, Kanunum: Karakullukcu Consulting Inc. (Turkey) I did a quick search on the NY lawyer and am impressed at his work in Turkey – wonder why the US has not jumped on the bandwagon yet? maybe your conference will be the instigator!

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