Social Sentiment Takes Center Stage at the May 8, 2013 Sentiment Analysis Symposium in New York

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We’ve announced the program for the May 8, 2013 Sentiment Analysis Symposium in New York — a program that will feature industry-leading speakers and panelists from Bloomberg, IBM, PayPal, Vision Critical, and Westat, start-ups, and academia — covering social media and social intelligence — for customer experience, finance, healthcare, market research, and media applications. Plus we have four great sponsors so far, Bloomberg, Gnip, Lexalytics, and Converseon, with others pending.

Join us!

The symposium is designed for businesses that want to lead the competition — in customer satisfaction and support, brand and reputation management, financial services, product design and marketing, and an array of other business processes — for those who understand the advantage they will gain in understanding customer, market, employee, investor, and political sentiment, emotion, mood, and opinion.

The symposium will be preceded, on May 7, 2013, by an optional, half-day Research & Innovation session that will explore cutting-edge industry initiatives, and by an optional, half-day Practical Sentiment Analysis tutorial, designed for advanced business users, software developers, and solution providers. The tutorial will be presented by Prof. Ronen Feldman of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. Prof. Feldman is a pioneer in the development and application of data mining and text analytics technologies to solve Big Data problems in finance, marketing, and social media.

The symposium kicks off with talks covering a range of sentiment analysis applications:

  • Professor VS Subrahmanian of the University of Maryland will speak on “Sentiment and Signals,” providing a leading researcher’s view on the use of sentiment and semantic analysis and data mining for government, industry, and intelligence.
  • Clinical psychologist Dr. Erin Olivo will speak on “Big Data, Linguistics, and the Science of Crowd Psychology.”
  • Gary Kazantsev of Bloomberg will cover “News Analytics in Finance.”
  • Vision Critical VP Stuart Shulman will speak on “Motivation Through Fear.”
  • PayPal Director of Customer Advocacy Han-Sheong Lai will describe how PayPal applied advanced technologies to boost revenue and decrease call volume and cost in a talk on “Customer Experience Improvement.”
  • Amelia Burke-Garcia of research-firm Westat will speak on identification of “Health Influencers to Impact Health Behavior.”

Registration is online at A Super Early registration discount runs through February 8, 2013. (We also have a 50% government/academic discount and a special low rate for full-time students.)

The Sentiment Analysis Symposium series has drawn steadily growing numbers, at three New York symposium and two San Francisco symposiums held since 2010. (Videos of talks at earlier symposiums are available for free access at the symposium Web site.) The symposium both builds on past success and aims to stay on the leading edge of sentiment technologies and applications. The symposium showcases ground-breaking sentiment-analysis applications and provides unique learning opportunities.

Other distinguished May 8 speakers include David Rabjohns, CEO of MotiveQuest, a social intelligence company; market research innovator Leonard Murphy, founder of Gen2 Advisors; Sean Reckwerdt from Networked Insights, speaking on Social TV; Realeyes Managing Director Mihkel Jäätma, speaking on “Facial Recognition for Emotion Detection”; Prof. Philip Resnik of the Univ. of Maryland, on real-time polling; Dr. Catherine Havasi, of the MIT Media Lab and founder of start-up Luminso, on cross-lingual sentiment analysis; and Hal Bloom from Sage and Lindsey Sanford from the Bernard Hodes Group.

To maximize networking opportunities, the symposium will once again feature evening-before and post-symposium receptions.

Again, please join us!

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