Experience, emotion and empathy, online at CX Emotion

Empathy is essential in challenging times. It’s the foundation of interactions that connect, reassure, and engage.

Empathy — that is, empathic customer experience — is center-stage at the CX Emotion conference, taking place online on July 22.

CX Emotion (CXE) is a unique event, light on the marketing, focused on learning. It was originally scheduled as an in-person event, slated to take place in London June 2-3 with workshops and presentations, at a fabulous venue right off Trafalgar Square. Given the Covid-19 crisis, I reworked and relaunched CXE as an online event. I am going to miss the opportunity to visit the West End, however the conference does retain a British flavour, building on the talents of the British and European customer experience, consumer insights, research, and technology experts and communities.

We’ve lined up excellent speakers and added six master classes that provide a learning experience you won’t get at run-of-the-mill marketing-oriented events. CX Emotion will ground you in the theory and practice of empathic CX and the techniques and technologies that make it possible. I’d be delighted if you would join us.

We’ve packed a lot into the conference day. I’m particularly looking forward to the Emotional Intelligence in Practice, a panel moderated by Sandra Thompson with Volvo and Brand Genetics participants, and to Alya Yacoubi’s talk on Empathic Chatbots and a British Gas + Kantar talk on Decoding Emotion in Consumer Feedback. (Session videos will be available to attendees after the event.)

New to CXE, we’ll have master classes that include:

  • Emotive CX for the Contact Centre, taught by Martin Hill-Wilson
  • Audience Insights with Edward Bass, EntSight
  • Emotionally Intelligent Design, taught by Pamela Pavliscak from Pratt Institute in New York

Please review our agenda, and register online now for an early-registration discount. If the ticket price is a hardship due to the covid-19/financial crisis, please contact me confidentially. I’d like everyone to be able to attend who should be there, hence the special low student ticket price.

Our efforts and the conference all about adapting to new circumstances, challenging for now but with great promise to be realized via innovative business approaches and transformative technologies including emotion AI. These together will help us emerge even better than we were. Please join us for a stage on the journey, at CX Emotion, online on July 22.

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