Two days to the best in emotion insight for customer and market understanding, July 22

The CX Emotion conference takes place this week, online on Wednesday, July 22. If you haven’t checked it out, please do now —

Our topics are emotion, experience, empathy, and impact. Attend to learn how to transform insights into killer brand strategystand-out marketinghappy employees, and satisfied customers, to learn about techniques and also technologies including natural language processing, facial coding, and speech analytics: Emotion AI.

Please review the agenda: We’ll be online on Wednesday, July 22, 9 am to 4:30 pm BST (UK) / 10 am to 5:30 pm CEST. Recordings will be available after the conference.

Who’s speaking?

Emotive CX leader Martin Hill-Wilson — Mario Streng from British Gas and data scientist Alex Cibbon from Kantar — Volvo CX lead Nicola Langley and Michal Szaniecki from Volkswagen — Alya Yacoubi from Zaion on Empathic Bots — Convosphere CEO Jackie Cuyvers — luxury, meaning, and semiotics authority Martina Olbertova. I’m looking forward to hearing from them and our other speakers. It’s too much to list them all.

You’ll gain — or reinforce — a solid foundation in leading-edge Customer Experience, Workforce, and Consumer Insights practices and tech options.

Won’t you join us? Register online at Note our team discount and low student/hardship rate of £50 (€55). I’d like you to be there. Send me a note for information:

Will you join us on the 22nd?

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