How to exploit emotion, for consumer, finance & media markets

Emotion drives markets. How to measure and exploit it? The Sentiment Analysis Symposium, March 26-27 in New York – our speakers and attendees – will tell you how.

We’re an industry conference with a strong technology component – natural language processing, social and digital analytics, behavior modeling – and a practical focus, designed for brands, agencies, media, marketers, investors, and technologists.

Recent Verizon, StockTwits, and ttec speaker interviews give a preview of what you’ll hear:
How Verizon Uses Voice of Customer Data to Guide Product Launches (Greenbook)
How StockTwits Applies Social and Sentiment Data Science (KDnuggets)
How to use data science to understand customer emotions and decisions (MyCustomer)

Jingjing Cannon (Verizon) and Peter Dorrington (ttec) are two of our sixteen March 27 speakers, and the session by Garrett Hoffman of StockTwits, on deep learning methods, follows Prof. Ronen Feldman’s half-day State of the Art Sentiment Analysis tutorial on March 26. The symposium about learning and networking!

Join us to learn from and share with fellow brand, agency, and solution provider attendees. This event will inform your organization’s online / social / market / data strategy, keys to modern-day competitiveness. Be there. Register today.

Seth Grimes, symposium organizer

P.S. We aim to make the symposium accessible to everyone. Contact me about our team discount, 50% government/academic tickets, low student rates, and start-up/small-company discount if they apply. I want you to be there!

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