Eight reasons to attend the June 27-28 Sentiment Analysis Symposium

Will you attend the June 27-28 Sentiment Analysis Symposium in New York?

Here are eight reasons to join us:

1) Emotion AI is hot, and we’re the only conference that covers the full spectrum of technologies (natural language processing, speech analytics, facial coding, emoji) and applications (customer experience, market research, media, and finance, and much more).

2) We cover innovative tech for cutting-edge insight: Blockchain, bots, sarcasm (via text analysis), social insights, and all the stuff in #1 above.

3) We’re grounded in business reality, in what’s practical and useful and not just what’s academically possible.

4) We believe in choice. Day 2, attend either morning workshop and either afternoon session: Customer Journey Transformation and Data Science & Technology in the morning; Text Analytics for Market Research & Consumer Insights and NLP & Sentiment in Finance in the afternoon. Attend either day or both.

5) Our speaker mix. You won’t find better at any other focused conference. Ours represent agencies Kantar TNS, Ipsos, Mediabrands, Nielsen, and FleishmanHillard. They hail from YouTube, Verizon, Uber, U.S. Bank, IBM, Airbus, and Capital One and from tech providers and consultancies.

6) Our attendees have a unique set of business, research, technology, and academic interests. Whom will you meet? Check out our speakers roster, but also expect to meet delegates from name brands Adidas, Chanel, Etsy, Greenpeace, and Swarovski and solution providers that include BrandsEye, Google, InMoment, LivePerson, SAS, Zignal Labs. (Those latter are non-speaker, non-sponsor attendees.)

7) Insights are international and so are we. Speakers and delegates will be joining us from Australia, Austria, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Greece, India, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Korea, South Africa, Switzerland, the UK, and Brooklyn. (A little joke there.) No other place combines business, tech, and fun like New York.

8) Networking. We’re a focused conference – attendance won’t get above a couple of hundred – so you’ll have plenty of opportunity to meet speakers and fellow attendees, during breaks, at lunch, and at the Tuesday evening networking reception.

Convinced? I’ll add one more reason, one that will help many of you to a decision:

9) We offer deep startup, small company, government/academic, and student discounts. The aim is to make the symposium accessible to everyone who should be there. Send a note for information.

See you in three weeks in New York? I hope so! Click here to register now.


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