2013 1H Conferences in Social Media, BI, Big Data, and Sentiment Applications

As a sometime conference organizer, I need to track events that will compete for the attention of my target audience. The competition consists of conferences internationally, or focused conferences in the New York region (where my next Sentiment Analysis Symposium will take place, on May 7-8, 2013), in areas related to or applying sentiment analysis or more general business intelligence technologies.

Why not share what I’ve found with others? I’ll be attending a number of the following events myself, and those who will find sufficient value in my event will attend it regardless of the competition. If you can think of a conference I’ve missed that belongs on my list — that is, with significant market presence, beyond local workshops — please drop me a line and I’ll track it.

So here goes — six months of social media / market research / customer experience / BI conferences — late January to July, 2013:

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