Is This Creative Content Marketing or What!?

Content marketing. Image by DigitalRalph.

I got an invitation today, from a digital marketing agency:

We’re writing an ebook on digital marketing strategies, and since you’re a marketing expert, I thought you might like to contribute.

What have you found to be the most effective digital strategy for driving traffic, generating leads, or improving sales at your organization?

If you have a great quote, story or example to share, we might be able to include it in the book, with full attribution to you and your company. And we’ll send you a copy as soon as it’s published.

What an honor, no? Except for the might part. But who could pass up an opportunity like this one? I’m sure the odds of inclusion are better than Powerball’s.

So here’s my contribution:

I have found that a great digital strategy is to get industry influencers to generate free copy so that when you include it a content-marketing fluff piece, they’ll share with their networks and provide you with free, high-visibility advertising!

What do you think? Good advice? Think they’ll include it?

“Let’s make a big bang” — and to think I was invited to take part!

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